Save our NowDoc

Now Doc are now based at the new Owenie Centre.
Now Doc are now based at the new Owenie Centre.

Hundreds of people attended a public meeting in Carndonagh last week in protest against the proposed changes to the NowDoc services.

The two-week live test is already in its second week - with only two GPs covering the north of Donegal from Letterkenny.

Speaking after the meeting, the chairperson Councillor Albert Doherty said the depth of feeling was evident.

“Everyone at the meeting was singing off the same hymn sheet - Save our NowDoc. There is real concerns that 
the new system being reviewed will not meet the needs of rural people, particularly those living beyond Carndonagh.

“Health professionals talk about the ‘golden hour’ and people here do not believe that service can be provided from Letterkenny. It’s 40 miles to Carndonagh from Letterkenny, never mind the extra outside that.

“The feeling is also that drivers will not have enough local knowledge of the townlands and this will further exacerbate the problem.

“Everyone at the meeting is determined to lobby their local and national politicans to help save the current service. I have already written to the HSC and will continue to do so.”

The HSE, GPs and CareDoc are currently engaged in discussions regarding the organisation and delivery of Out of Hours GP services in the county. Following the review period it is expected that a GP clinical lead will make a formal recommendation on any proposed changes.