Schoolgirl Eve tells us what makes her beautiful

Emmett Murray, Gareth Doherty Eve McIvor, Conor McIvor and Tom McLaughlin, who collectively are Up Syn.
Emmett Murray, Gareth Doherty Eve McIvor, Conor McIvor and Tom McLaughlin, who collectively are Up Syn.

Derry schoolgirl Eve McIvor has said she is eagerly awaiting the influx of demands for her autograph after she premieres her self penned adaptation of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” at this week’s charity fashion show at St. Mary’s College.

The 13-year-old, year 9 pupil, has recorded her version of the smash hit song thanks to a Disney for Change Grant, which funded her recording session at Derry’s Verbal Arts Centre. Eve received the award when her mentor from Foyle Down Syndrome Trust, Irene Melaugh, spotted a spark of creativity in her that she wanted to harness.

“Singing makes me really happy,” Eve said. “I really enjoy it and it has been brilliant to make a recording. Everyone will be asking for my autograph now!”

Eve said she chose the famous One Direction song because she “loves it” and with the help of her mum Marie and brother Conor she rewrote the words to make the song about how she feels being Down Syndrome.

Eve enlisted the help of four local primary seven boys, Conor McIvor, Gareth Doherty, Emmet Murray and Tom McLaughlin, to record the song and she says she very much enjoyed having her very own boy band ‘Up Syn’ backing her up.

They have all benefited from learning how she copes with her special needs within home, school and the community.

Eve and “Up Syn” will launch her CD at The Fashion Show in St Mary’s College on Thursday of this week. This is in aid of Foyle Search and Rescue. Tickets cost £5 and can be purchased at the school. Christmas collections will be showcased from local retailers, Pippa Boutique, Mrs Hincliff Vintage, Miss Selfridge and Yellow Moon.

Irene Melaugh, Educational Development Outreach Officer with Foyle Down Syndrome Trust, works with Eve for an hour every week to help her with her literacy and numeracy so that she is able to continue attending mainstream education.

Irene said the that writing and recording the song has been hugely beneficial for Eve.

“Eve’s confidence and self-esteem has improved greatly. She has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and making others aware of her wish to be included in society.”

St Mary’s College have also encouraged her with her singing and pronunciation.

Eve will perform the song with the boys on the night and the college’s IT department will video the fashion show and the DVD will be on sale at a later date.