SDLP ‘brimming with ideas’ for Derry’s future

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The SDLP has unveiled its team of candidates for May’s Assembly and City Council elections.

The party says its team boasts “a real blend of experience, energy and imagination.”

Speaking at Saturday’s candidates’ launch in Derry, Foyle MP Mark Durkan said the party has “shown a strong agenda for the better future you deserve.”

“The SDLP is honest about the challenges we all face but is brimming with ideas to make government work better for you,” he said.

“We are stronger on protecting front-line services and better for growing our private sector sustainably and competitively.

“We know how many uncertainties you face – for yourself, your family and your community. We carry your concerns into the Assembly, the Council and the Commons.

“The outcome you need from this election is to know that you – your rights, your family’s needs – come first.

“A vote for the SDLP is the best way to ensure that you will come first after May 5.

“We have the record of delivery, the platform for change and a team of Assembly and Council candidates with a real blend of experience, energy and imagination.”

The party’s Stormont election team includes sitting MLAS Pat Ramsey and Pol Callaghan, alongside Derry’s current Mayor Colum Eastwood and former City Councillor Mark H. Durkan.

Its team of candidates in the Council election includes many new faces as well as those seeking re-election.

Looking to be returned to Council are Gerard Diver (Waterside)- the party’s leader on Council - Sean Carr (Northland), John Tierney (Northland), Colum Eastwood (Shantallow), Shaun Gallagher (Shantallow), Martin Reilly (Waterside), Jim Clifford (Cityside), Ann Donnelly (Cityside), Thomas Conway (Rural), Jim McKeever (Rural) and Brenda Stevenson (Rural).

New faces

Among the new faces are John Boyle (Northland), Fiona Hamilton (Northland), Eamon McCauley (Northland), James Carr (Shantallow), Angela Dobbins (Shantallow), Hugh Hastings (Cityside) and Ashleen Schenning (Rural).

See Friday’s Journal for in-depth coverage of the SDLP’s list of candidates in both elections.