SDLP: ‘Farry comments on Magee will not stand’-Pat Ramsey

SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey.
SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey.

SDLP Employment and Learning Spokesperson Pat Ramsey has reacted to comments by Stephen Farry that the expansion of Magee will be put on hold indefinitely by pledging that his comments ‘will not stand’ and that the SDLP will ‘fight this every step of the way’.

The Foyle MLA said: “I am furious about the comments made by the Minister on the Nolan Show this morning where he believes he will unilaterally put the expansion of Magee on hold. For the Minister to make such an announcement without consulting the Assembly or the DEL Committee which I sit on is nothing short of shameful, and to blame budget cuts and single out the Magee project to drop as a result is in my opinion without basis, without sense and without any form of support.

“We have the Minister making a decision on a massively important project not just for Derry but for the wider North West just when the City was progressing a business case for the expansion of Magee as outline in the One Plan - something he insisted upon. It is nothing short of Lockwood phase II and the SDLP will use all and any mechanisms available to us to reverse this shameful decision.

“I will be demanding a meeting with the Minister and his officials and I am today sending an urgent request to the Department for all documentation used to make this decision. This is not 1965 and the Minister and his officials will be held accountable for the basis of this decision which will not stand.

“The aspirations of Derry and the work that has gone in across the board to progressing the Magee project will not just be swept aside in a unilateral decree by the Minister”