SDLP: Minister must intervene to save lives - Councillor John Boyle

John Boyle.
John Boyle.

SDLP Foyleside Councillor John Boyle has invited the Roads Minister Danny Kennedy to visit a local primary school and to intervene to solve “an intractable problem” regarding road safety issues for children at Groarty Integrated Primary School.

Councillor Boyle said: “Following the recent tragic death of eight years old Adam Gilmore in Cloughmills and the serious injuries sustained by his mother and siblings it is important that Minister Kennedy intervene to address the concerns of the Board of Governors and parents of children at Groarty Integrated Primary School. The thoughts and prayers of the entire community are with the Gilmour family, particularly as we all know the devastation that such a tragedy can cause.”

The SDLP Councillor continued, “My party colleague Mark H Durkan MLA and I have been liaising with Road Service for some considerable time regarding the dangers presented to children outside the school on the Coshquin Road. We feel that the speed limit is set at an unacceptable and potentially dangerous 60mph. Parents who are dropping off and collecting their children are forced to run a daily gauntlet of inconsiderate and, on occasions, speeding motorists. The situation has become intractable and has not been addressed to the satisfaction of parents and Governors alike. They have become exasperated by the situation and are at their wits end.”

Councillor Boyle said, “Not for the first time, we have written to Minister Kennedy pointing out our concerns and I have invited him to come to Groarty Primary to see the problems for himself. We are horrified by the very real dangers that the children are forced to deal with on a daily basis and feel that their parents deserve to have peace of mind when they send their children to school. Schools are rightly regarded as safe havens for our children and we have appealed to the Minister and his officials to look at the situation again. Not to put too fine a point on it, the Minister must intervene to save lives.”