SDLP: Unacceptable Anti-social behaviour will continue without youth facilities-Dobbins

SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins. 1708JM04
SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins. 1708JM04

An SDLP Councillor in Derry has said that anti-social behaviour will continue in the city because of the lack of youth facilities.

Councillor Angela Dobbins commented after the PSNI had to be called to Culmore area on Saturday night when a crowd of 40-50 youth had gathered at Magnet Bar/Centra Stores and had begun to set off fireworks in the busy car park.

She said: “This is now becoming a regular occurrence and is distressing both to residents in the area and to business owners. I urge parents to speak to their children about this disruptive behaviour, explain to them the distress they’re causing to others, especially the elderly and to keep an eye on where their children are.

As I have continually highlighted and as a parent, resident and councillor in the area have lobbied in council; I am calling for community facilities in Culmore, somewhere where these young people can go and where they will not create problems.

I reiterate, these are young people, most of them under 14 years old, there is no alcohol involved, but they are bored and causing mischief. Soon this mischief will become out of control and property will be damaged or someone will be seriously hurt.”