Sean Carr replaced on council committees

SDLP Councillor Sean Carr.
SDLP Councillor Sean Carr.

The SDLP has said its decision to strip one of their councillors of his role on four committees and replace him with colleagues was part of a “standard procedure”.

A source has told the Journal that Sean Carr was only informed about the move just before the start of the meeting during which it happened.

The move came several months after Mr Carr also had the party whip removed from him, although he still retains his membership of the SDLP.

Just minutes into the December full council meeting at the Guildhall on Tuesday, SDLP Council group leader Gerard Diver said Sean Carr was to be removed from the Environmental Services Committee and replaced by SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack. Colr. Cusack was also to replace Colr. Carr on the Derry Policing & Community Safety Partnership Committee, those at the meeting were told.

Colr. Carr has furthermore been replaced on the North West Region Waste Management Group Committee by another SDLP colleague, Brian Tierney.

Fellow SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly meanwhile said that Mr Carr was to be replaced by Colr. Diver on the Millennium Forum Committee.

It is understood that these four councils were the only ones Colr. Carr sat on.

When contacted for an explanation over the move, an SDLP spokesperson said:

“As is standard operating procedure within the SDLP and other political parties, elected members who withdraw from the Party Whip or have the Party Whip removed are removed from council committees to make way for councillors who hold the Party Whip.”