Seán Keenan commemoration

A commemoration will be held in Derry later this month to mark the anniversary of the death of veteran republican Seán Keenan.

Mr Keenan was an active republican for more than three decades and is regarded as one of the founding members of the Provisional IRA.

He was interned on three occasions; the first time during the Second World War when he was held from 1940-45, the second time from 1957-61 during the IRA’s ‘border campaign,’ and the third time from August 1971 to April 1972, shortly after the outbreak of the Troubles.

During the late 1960s he became prominent in community politics during the Civil Rights Campaign and was chairperson of the Derry Citizens Defence Association.

He left Sinn Féin in the late 1980s during the split over the decision to take seats in Leinster House and was made honorary vice president for life of the breakaway Republican Sinn Féin.

The commemoration has been organised by Republican Sinn Féin and will be held at the Keenan monument on Fahan Street at 3pm on Sunday March 6.