Seeing is believing says Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah.
Derek Acorah.

Derek Acorah is no stranger to critics, he’s had much written about him in the press - both good and bad.

But the world renowned spiritualist medium has a message for the cynics and this one doesn’t come from the spirit world.

“Come and see a show for yourself,” he said. “Don’t listen to those who don’t want to believe or will never believe. The way to judge anything is to go a make a judgement for yourself.

“Sceptical and cynical minds don’t bother me, I have complete confidence in what I do,. This is my vocation. No negative minded person or journalist will stop me doing what I do. A lovely old dear once called me a spiritual soldier.”

Derek will appear at the Waterside theatre for one night only on Thursday, October 8. The show he gives will last for just over two hours, but he says he sticks around afterwards to talk to anyone, sign autographs or get his picture taken.

“I always look forward to coming to Derry, the audience are lovely,” he said. “During the show I have a big screen on stage and a couple of camera men, if I get off the stage which I invariably do, the camera will show up myself and the person talking so people don’t have to turn round.

“I’m hoping it will be uplifting and helpful for the people, especially those recently bereaved. I hope it’s going to be a buoyant night and there will be laughter.”

But Derek is quick to point on he can’t predict what will happen.

“It’s not scripted, everything happens spontaneously, all I try and do is convey what a loved one wants me to say.

“And I like that we are playing in an intimate venue like the Waterside Theatre. People get so much more from an intimate venue. I’m very happy with the intimacy and this helps my mediumship.”

Derek is the author of eleven books two of which, “The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah” and “Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah”, have achieved the top of “The Times” Non-Fiction Best Seller list and have been translated in to Russian and Mandarin. He is also passionate about working in his investigative role in attempting to validate and confirm the presence of spirit entities in some of the world’s most haunted locations.

To book tickets for Thursday night’s event ring the box office on 71314000.