Seek hope through Christ - Bishop

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The Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry and Raphoe has urged those struggling amid the pressures of modern life to seek the “fresh sense of hope and a renewed sense of purpose” offered through Christ.

In his Easter message Bishop Ken Good said it is his wish that people will use Easter as a time to “discover in the cross and empty tomb ‘a sure ground for faith, a firm support for hope and the assurance of sins forgiven’.”

“Not only has hope been diminished of late, but it has been replaced by a low-level gloom, by a gnawing insecurity and a feeling of uneasy pressure: financial gloom, employment insecurity and family pressures are combining to rob many people of contentment and inner peace,” he says.

“Holy Week and Easter are about discovering hope as we respond to the person of Jesus and to what he has achieved for us. He has always been in the business of offering people a fresh sense of hope and a renewed sense of purpose.”

Bishop Good says that modern secular society brings with it a strange emptiness.

“Secular minds can have hungry spirits, because we learn that the pursuit of material things alone doesn’t satisfy, ultimately.

“We may choose short-cuts in an attempt to satisfy our inner hunger and we may try other options to quench our inner thirst, but in the end of the day we learn that our spiritual appetite cannot be ignored and that it needs to be satisfied by authentic spiritual reality,” he says.