September 1982: McGuinness attacks Hume over ‘pie in the sky’ E.E.C.

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The call made by Mr. John Hume, the S.D.L.P. leader, for further E.E.C. involvement in finding a solution to Northern Ireland’s political problems, has been strongly condemned by Mr. John Taylor, the Official Unionist M.P. and Mr. Martin McGuiness, the Sinn Féin candidate in Derry in the forthcoming assembly elections.

Mr. Taylor described Mr. Hume’s call as “amounting to interference in the internal constitutional and political affairs of Northern Ireland”. Mr. McGuinness said that “it is typical of the history and the role of the S.D.L.P. that they should attempt to direct the attention of the people away from the day to day realities of British rule to the pie in the sky of the E.E.C.”

Mr. Hume urged the European Parliament to hold a series of public hearings to investigate a possible E.E.C. role in solving the political problems in Northern Ireland.