Serious accident involving pupil sparks action

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The decision by the roads authorities to implement safety measures following a serious accident involving a school student in Derry’s northern suburbs has been praised by local Sinn Féin Councillor, Caoimhe McKnight.

Colr. McKnight said she held productive talks with both Road Service and Translink who, she said, have now agreed to take a number of steps to improve safety at Ballyarnett Village.

She said: “Following a recent serious accident involving a school student I initiated discussions with both Road Service and Translink to investigate remedial measures to ensure the safety of students. I am glad to report that these discussions were both constructive and fruitful.

“Roads Service have agreed to construct a lay-by where buses can turn more safely. Translink have also proposed a change to the route to allow for safe drop-off and pick-up at the lay-by.”

The Ballyarnett councillor said she understood talks over the acquisition of land were underway.

“Discussions to purchase the land necessary for the lay-by are ongoing with the landowner and I am hopeful that these will come to a successful conclusion in the coming weeks. If successful the lay-by should be completed in this financial year.

“I commend Road Service and Translink for the helpful positive approach they took to this issue when I approached them. I look forward to their continued cooperation in delivering this project quickly.”