Services at St Columb’s Cathedral

Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week when services begin in St Columb’s Cathedral with Holy Communion (Order 1) at 0800 hrs. This will be followed by a service at 11, for which a special order will be provided, of Scripture Readings, anthems and hymns based on the Passion of our Lord. Choral Evensong will be sung by the Cathedral Choir at 4 p.m.

The Dean, Dr William Morton, hopes to celebrate the Holy Communion on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in Holy Week, at 0745 hrs. The Daily Office follows at 1030 hrs Monday-Saturday, with the service on Tuesday at this time being that of Holy Communion when in attendance will be elderly and housebound, who normally find it difficult to get out to church. There will be a service each evening at 1930 hrs. On Wednesday evening the worship will take the form of a service of healing with the laying-on-of-hands and with special prayers for the sick. On Thursday evening, Maundy Thursday, at 1930 hrs the Holy Communion will be celebrated in recognition that it was on this evening, the night before He died, that our Lord instituted the Sacrament in the Upper Room.

On Good Friday the Dean and Canon John Merrick will conduct a special service, “An Hour At The Cross” between 1400 and 1500 hrs followed by a short act of worship attended by the boy Choristers, parishioners and friends at the graves of Archbishop William Alexander and his wife, Cecil Frances, in the City Cemetery.

Everyone most welcome to attend.

On Easter Eve, April 7th, the service of The Litany and Ante-Communion will take place in the Bishop William Alexander Chapel in the Cathedral at 1030 hrs.

Services on Easter Day will be as follow: 0800 Holy Communion (Order 1); 1100 Festival Choral Eucharist; 1600 Choral Evensong.