Human excrement will be washed ashore along the coast from Moville to Greencastle if Donegal Co. Council goes ahead its planned sewerage scheme.

And a leading oceanographer, Dr Mike Quinnell, has disputed claims made by Donegal Co Council that he ‘did not raise any doubts’ about this.

In a letter this week to the Council Dr. Quinnell said he stood by comments he had submitted some time ago in which he considered findings made by consultants employed by the council ‘invalid’

Yesterday leading local environmental campaigner Enda Craig said the people of the area should get wise to what was being proposed because the implications were ‘deadly serious’ for the local environment.

Speaking with the ‘Journal’ Mr Craig said: “Donegal County Council consultants claim that the tides would take out to sea all the raw sewage.

“A local fisherman who knows the tides and waters around here told us that that was ‘bollocks’, that it would all wash in again.

“We then got the name of an internationally renowned oceanographer, Dr. Mike Quinnell, sent him the data the council claimed proved there was no problem with and when he did his analysis he totally disputed their conclusions.”

Even more serious was provision in the Council’s plan for seven emergency discharges a year into Carnagarve. This was, said Mr Craig, a ‘certain recipe for diaster.’