Shackleton Studios ‘taking legal advice’

Shackleton Studios. INLV3615-068KDR
Shackleton Studios. INLV3615-068KDR

A film production company has said it is “taking legal advice” following the sale of the former army site in Ballykelly.

A statement by Shackleton Studios, issued on Thursday evening, said: “Shackleton Studios Ltd is currently taking legal advice following the announcement by the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland regarding their agreement to sell Shackleton, the former military base at Ballykelly, to the MJM Group. A further statement will be made once this process is concluded.”

An OFMDFM spokesperson said: “This is a matter for Shackleton Studios. The MJM Group is on the record as saying they wish to explore continuing potential filming activities with Shackleton Studios.”

OFMdFM revealed last week Newry-based MJM Group had agreed to buy the Shackleton site for £1 million, creating 100 jobs, initially.

OFMdFM told the ‘Journal’ on February 15 that “a licence granted to Shackleton Studios to use part of the site for film production-related activities was terminated early on 30 November 2015 at the request of Shackleton Studios”, and “a request for another licence was submitted by Shackleton Studios on 11 February 2016 and is currently being considered by the Department”.