Shaky start (and wine) but now it’s all systems go!

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THE STORY SO FAR - 28 year-old Tracey Villa is on a six-week challenge - to get back into shape after having a baby. Little Ceili is now two months old. If Tracey succeeds, she has a public showcase and a meeting with the Mayor. Failure is not an option!

Hi everyone, well at the time of writing this piece I am now officially three days into my fitness challenge.

To say I got off to a shaky start is an understatement, but after a few hurdles on the first day (and night) I feel like I’m now getting into the swing of things. I’m going to be extra conscious this week of watching my diet and being disciplined (if Rocky can do it so can I!!)

Filled with nerves, mostly nervous excitement, I couldn’t wait to begin training. I haven’t exercised properly in the best part of a year since I was pregnant (more if I’m honest lol).

I ate well all day Friday in preparation - porridge, chicken salad and, wait for it, wine. Yes, I have to be truly honest, I had two glasses of wine to relax before I was to begin my training. I have decided (yes, I know it’s only week one!) to allow myself a cheat day a week, so on my six days’ training my diet will be strict.

I will be following a diet plan I got out of Closer magazine which is calorie controlled. However, I made some modifications for myself such as banning bread (I’ll be getting my carb intake through rice) cheese, chocolate and crisps. I’ll be upping my water intake.

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and made sure to eat lots of protein and hydrated myself all day. After putting it off for a few hours, I finally began my training. I did a mixture of weights on my upper body and legs, and sit-ups. You could say this was challenging - excruciatingly painful would sum it up better. They say if you don’t sweat you’re not working out properly, so I must have been doing something right! After my 45 minute workout, I collapsed on the chair like a deflated balloon, and it took the best part of ten minutes for me to get up and get a glass of water.

But it was a good tired. I felt like I had achieved something, just by taking the first steps to achieving my goal. I’m on my way to Leanville - tighter abs, toned buttocks, arms and legs will be mine (goodbye chicken legs and bingo wings).

For the next five-and-a-half weeks I will be following an exercise plan I printed off the internet, which is for my core, stretches and lunges etc. For my cardio I will be street jogging for 20 minutes a day. I also bought a home cross-trainer to help keep my fitness levels up. My home gym is now coming along nicely. I have purchased a few different pieces of equipment so there is no excuse!

The support that I have got from family and friends since I began this challenge has been overwhelming and has really given me the encouragement to keep going. I’ve got some great advice, it’s given me a little push to keep the momentum up and to keep striving to achieve my target.

Fitting in my workouts into my home life has been fantastic. It’s so easy just to go into the other room to my weights and cross-trainer and start working out. When Ceili is napping I just bring her moses basket into the room (she sleeps through anything lol).

The thing I have had the most difficulty with is the sugar cravings. I always have a bar of chocolate everyday so that has been difficult to give up.

My goal is to lose a stone. I want to be down to at least 8 1/2 stone (any less would be a bonus!) and I’m aiming for a size 8 which is perfect for my height, which is 5ft 2in. Needless to say if anyone is thinking about undertaking a similar challenge, check your ideal weight for your height as everyone is different, and have a chat with your doctor to get the go ahead, especially if you have just had a baby.

Keep tuned in to see my progress - with hard work we can all get what we want in life, you just have to put in the work!!! You will what can be done by the average woman. You don’t need to have a lot of money to achieve results. And even though we’re busy mothers, it can be done and I am going to prove it!