Sheep and lambs dumped in Greysteel

The dead sheep and lambs dumped in Greysteel.
The dead sheep and lambs dumped in Greysteel.

A councillor has expressed his disgust after dead sheep and lambs were discovered dumped in Greysteel.

Two sheep carcasses and two dead lambs were found lying in a culvert on Coolagh Road.

Sinn Fein Colr. Dermot Nicholl said the gruesome discovery was made by a local resident in recent days.

The carcasses, which had no identification tags or markings, have since been removed by local council staff, said Colr. Nicholl.

The Sinn Fein man condemned those responsible for dumping the animals.

“I know money might be tight and some farmers are getting it hard, but there is a process that must be followed regarding the disposal of dead animals,” said Colr. Nicholl.

“There is a fee to dispose of animals in a safe and responsible way.

“I know money is tight, but to dump dead animals along a road is just unacceptable,” said Colr. Nicholl.

Colr. Nicholl said he doesn’t understand why people dump animals illegally.

“That is no way to treat an animal. The law is there for a reason and it must be followed. Those animals could be diseased, who knows. To just dump them willy nilly in the countryside is an absolute disgrace. I am absolutely disgusted that someone would stoop to this level.”

Colr. Nicholl added: “I contacted the council to dispose of the carcasses properly, but they shouldn’t have to. I would ask anyone with any information to come forward.”

The Department of Agriculture say “farmers are responsible for the disposal of their fallen stock”.

The Department states that fallen stock must be collected, identified and transported without ‘undue delay’.

The Department also states where a carcass is dumped on private land, wherever possible the owner of the animal will be identified and held responsible. It states where a carcass is dumped elsewhere, including on public land or highways, and ownership of the carcass cannot be ascertained, responsibility for disposal rests with the local authority.