Sheer shock at Muff litterbugs

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Condoms, toiletries, glass bottles, cans, straws, socks and t-shirts were amongst a large amount of rubbish found by the owners of a local tourism based community business in the Lisnagrath area of Muff.

Laurence McBride, co-owner of Far and Wild based throughout the North West, offers outdoor adventures for people to allow them to benefit from the environment, whilst at the same time servicing the community they visit.

However on a cycle through the Muff woodland on Sunday Laurence was horrified to discover the sheer amount of rubbish in the area.

“It was terrible I never seen anything like it before in the my life, but apparently we’ve been told it is quite a common occurrence. I’ve been in that area many times as a youngster and I’ve never seen anything as bad.

“It was obviously people who had been there drinking or whatever and just got up and left. There is no thought at all put into it, we need to try and make people think. I’m just shocked people would do that in the first place.”

Laurence believes the incident in Muff could have been an embarrassment. “We were expecting to find a bit of rubbish but not to that extent. It was really shocking. Thankfully I only had one person out with me that day, if I had of had a group with me it would have been embarrassing. But we both cleared it up as best we could.

The local man believes we should use this as an opportunity to teach people to become responsible and respect the environment.

“At Far and Wild, we include in our outings were we would help the community we visit, we don’t just visit and go, so we wanted to do a bit of a clean-up in the area, but even some of the rubbish was so bad it wasn’t safe for us to lift. We want to promote and enjoy our natural environment and lovely countryside in a responsible manner.”