Shirt Factory Tales this weekend

The Tower Museum will be throwing its doors open to the public tomorrow, bringing to life aspects for our city’s past.

The award winning facility will be open until 9pm and admission is free. The event is part of a European wide campaign which encourages museums to open at night-time. During the evening visitors will have the chance to find out more about our rich Shirt Factory heritage.

Margaret Edwards from the Heritage and Museum Service of Derry City Council said she hoped the event would encourage locals and visitors alike to come visit the facility and join in the celebrations. “This year’s event will be a celebration of our shirt factory heritage.

The focus will be a performance directed by Pat Mulkeen from her play the “The Shirt Tale” using local actors, which starts at 7 pm. Its a great chance to visit the Museum for free and participate in the activities to remember the past and the impact the shirt factories had on our city,” she commented.

Pat Mulkeen, who is directing the play, said she was delighted to get the opportunity to share her play with the public. Encouraging people to come along she said it was a chance for front-stitchers, smoothers or patent-turners, who worked in some of the local factories such as Ritchie’s, Wilkinson’s,Hogg & Mitchell’s, the City or The Star, to come together and share memories.

Even if you didn’t you might enjoy this little celebration of an aspect of the city’s past that so many of us remember. You might even learn to jive......

For further converage on ‘The Shirt Tale’ see Sunday’s Journal.