Shock at sudden death of ‘loving mother’ (31)

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The partner of a mother-of-three who died suddenly in the early hours of New Year’s Day described her as a loving partner who was a great mother.

Charmaine Houston passed away on what was to be a triple celebration.

She was enjoying a party at a friends home for the New Year, she had celebrated her 31st birthday the previous day and she was planning to celebrate her eighth anniversary with partner Emmett Gillen on January 1st.

Mr. Gillen said yesterday: “Charmaine was a loving mother and a loving partner. We weren’t married but we were husband and wife without a wedding.

“We used to say that to each other all the time. We were to celebrate our eighth anniversary the day she died. Charmaine was just so happy and looking forward to that anniversary.

Great eight years

“We did nothing but talk about it, it was a great eight years. She was in great form the last while, as was I.

“Charmaine was a great mother to the three children. She would do anything for them, for me, for anyone. The best thing I could say is that she cared deeply about her children.”

Mr. Gillen said of his partner: “She had a great nature, she could be stubborn but in her own special way.

“Charmaine was just so special, what you saw is what you got with her.”

Tragically Charmaine, originally from Shantallow, had mourned the first anniversary of the passing of her mother, Bernadette Houston on Christmas Eve.


Mr. Gillen said: “Everything is still a bit of a shock. We are all devastated at the loss of Charmaine.

“I’m still trying to even start to come to terms with this big shock. New Year’s will never be the same. We are just saddened and shocked. Charmaine will be very sorely missed.”

The cause of death is to be determined by inquest.

Charmaine Houston (nee McCloskey) is survived by partner Emmett and her three children Eugene, Caoimhe and Emmett.

Her Requiem Mass will be celebrated this morning, Tuesday, at 10am Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Interment afterward in the City cemetery.