Shooting victim forced to flee Derry

A man who was shot four times earlier this year has said he is devastated at being forced out of Derry after a threat was made against him.

Gerry Heaney, who was shot four times by a masked gang in a paramilitary style attack on October 5 this year, had been recuperating from his ordeal when police arrived at his door last week to inform him of the threat against him.

Mr. Heaney spoke to the ‘Journal’ last month and said he had no idea why he was targeted in the brutal attack, which took place in the living room of a house in the Brandywell area.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’, he said he would be willing to meet with anyone who had any allegations against him, as he still had had no-one come forward to explain why he was shot.

Gerry Heaney, who was shot by a masked gang in a paramilitary style attack on October 5th last. DER4518GS005

Mr. Heaney said his world and that of his family has been turned upside down after what has happened.

The 54-years-old, who was left with life-changing injuries as a result of the shooting, said: “The police came last Monday and told me they had got a letter stating that I had to get out of Derry.

“I can’t handle this at all. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m afraid for my family as well. If they can put me out what else could they do?

“It’s terrible. We haven’t had any explanation. We don’t know yet exactly what it is; what’s alleged.

Gerry Heaney, who was shot by a masked gang in a paramilitary style attack on October 5th last. DER4518GS001

Mr. Heaney said his family had tried to reach out to groups and politicians in the local area to try and get some resolution, but without success.

“Nobody seems to be helping,” he claimed.

Mr. Heaney added that the Christmas season has passed the family by this year, due to what has happened. “We haven’t got our heads around it.”

He reiterated that he has never been questioned over, or accused of anything and so is at a loss as to why he was targeted.

“It’s terrible. It’s a disgrace the way I am getting treated and my family. Never in my life have I ever been questioned by police or anything. It’s shocking,

“I am willing to meet anybody. If there is any allegations against me, I am willing to meet anyone.”

Back on October 5, Mr. Heaney was watching a match on television when he answered a knock on the door and was forced back into the living room.

He was shot once above the knee of his right leg before being ordered to get down and being shot three more times in the left leg - in the back of the foot and ankle and behind his knee.

During the incident, he said, the gang gave no reason for the attack.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ last month, Mr. Heaney said he had asked them: ‘What am I being shot for boys?’ but added that there was no answer, just ‘Get the f*** down!’

An ambulance was called and arrived a short time later and Mr. Heaney was rushed to Altnagelvin Hospital, where he was taken into surgery that night.

When questioned on the threat to Mr. Heaney yesterday, a PSNI spokesperson told the Journal: “We do not comment on named individuals and no inference should be drawn from this.”

Last month police at Strand Road Station appealed to anyone who was present in the Brandywell Road area between 8.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. on Friday, October 5, and saw a number of men acting suspiciously, to get in touch.