Sit, Knit and Chat at Age Concern

Knitting is often thought of as a solitary pastime but for many it is a passion and a way of life and one Age Concern Derry invite older people to come and share on Monday afternoons.

Knitting is definitely not a dying art - quite the opposite! Knitting is enjoying a huge revival and Age Concern Derry offers all you need, whether you are a beginner, returner or an experienced knitter.

Many knitters have remarked that knitting is life meditation and is very calming. It is creative, purposeful and is also very social so knitting contributes to people’s overall well being in numerous ways.

Anyone over 60 and residing within Derry City Council area is welcome to come along to the ‘Sit, knit and chat’ group (from beginners to experienced) and as the title says; sit, knit and chat!

Age Concern Derry remind people that there is a misconception that knitting is difficult but it is fact not and this offers excellent opportunity for the older community in Derry to revive their knitting skills.

The classes will take place on Monday afternoons at Age Concern Derry from 1.30pm -3.30pm starting Monday, March 21, and are free of charge.

The classes are sponsored by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland the Atlantic Philanthropies.

For further information please phone Age Concern Derry on: 71. 347478.