Six New Listed Buildings

Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, is proposing six new listed buildings for Derry.

These include three former World War II hangars beside the City of Derry Airport and a row of three terraced buildings in a prominent location on the Northland Road is also being proposed for listing.

Mr. Durkan, who is consulting with Derry City and Strabane District Council on the listings, said: “These proposed listings will be a boost for the region, reflecting Derry city’s varied and diverse history.

“Much work has been carried out in recent years to highlight the area’s important role in World War II. This rare collection of airfield hangars are in good condition and listing them will preserve a key slice of our history. It also reminds everyone just how much there is to see in Derry from this important period.”

He added: “The other proposal to protect three buildings on the Northland Road will safeguard a group of structures with good external detail at a key point in the Magee Conservation Area.

“Listing these will ensure these important assets are preserved and protected as part of the city and region’s rich tapestry. They will also further enhance the marketing of the council area as a great place to work, visit and invest.”

This brings the total number of buildings offered the protection of listing within the Derry and Strabane area to 655.