Sizzling March breaks record

Inishowen has had the warmest March in half a century while tourism number soar in the peninsula, the Journal has learnt.

While Met Eireann is reporting an unseasonable surge in temperature for March this year, breaking records at weather stations across the country, Inishowen Tourism has reported a huge rise in visitor numbers in recent weeks.

Kathleen Gill from Inishowen Tourism told the Journal yesterday that the good weather had brought with it an increase in tourism.

She said trade in the town was up coupled with the rise in visitors to the area.

She said: “Without a doubt the good weather comes and we get a number of very good days. Just immediately the business levels within the local tourism operators just go up.

“As soon as the good weather comes, because of what Inishowen has to offer in regards to its businesses and leisure facilities it’s just the perfect place to come.

“It’s the perfect place even when it is raining too. It’s just fantastic because it extends the season.”

Buncrana Town Mayor Nicholas Crossan said he’s never seen so many tourists to the peninsula, ever, than what he’s seen in recent weeks.

He said: “It is unbelievable and it perked up the whole of Inishowen.

“There were bus loads of day trippers to the town, mainly because we’re so close to Northern Ireland. It is just a playground for Northern Ireland and it is fantastic to see so many kids running around in the sand.”

He said on Tuesday he counting a whopping 70 kids in the Shore Front’s Festival Park, and on the Sunday before that there wasn’t a car parking spot, in the town, in sight.

He added: “If you get a good summer it really does help the whole of Inishowen. There is a buzz about Buncrana a couple of days after St Patrick’s Day there is such a buzz.”