Slideshow - Reader’s Pics

We’ve had a great response to our request for your pics - and we still want more.

This week’s slideshow comes courtesy of Terry Doran who sent us pics from Greencastle, Darren McGilloway who sent us shots from the north west and Claire McLaughlin who sent us shots of ‘An accidental but welcome bokeh effect of morning dew on grass.”

Further pics were sent in by Derek Doherty who sent us shoys of the beach behind Buncrana Castle , the Crana River, and a sunrise at Ludden, and Dallan Doherty who sent in a range of pics from Buncrana and Linsford beaches.

Brendan Diver sent us a raft of shots from Clonmany, while Patryk Sadowski sent in some shots from Derry city.

To send us your pic please email and remember to include a brief caption as well as your name and address - or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter