Slimming World comes to Gasyard

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There’s great excitement in the Gasyard as they prepare to welcome the latest addition to their family of health initiatives for the public. 

Slimming World have selected the Gasyard Centre as the latest venue for one of their Groups.

Consultant Shelly McDowell, who had an amazing weightloss herself with Slimming World is delighted to be relaunching her group (formerly in Bishop Street) in the Gasyard Centre on Monday 13th May at 7.30pm.

Shelly says, “The excitement is mounting as we prepare to open the doors to welcome the members into our new venue. It’s a fabulous location, with a great reputation for delivering quality health initiatives. I think we can add value to that service and of course it will allow us to reach out and help more people become fit and healthy in 2013.”

Janice Tracey, who manages the team of consultants in the NW says, “Slimming World is the best plan available for weightloss. It’s so healthy that we work in partnership with the College of Midwifes to help members manage their weight through pregnancy and we have a specialist program (Free to Go) for young people between the ages of 11 – 16. We have also just completed a very successful pilot scheme with the primary health care teams in Northern Ireland which gave members 12 weeks (and in some cases 24 weeks) free – in order to monitor health improvements.”

She continued, “We love to have our groups located in the middle of strong, vibrant communities and having a group in the Gasyard is a win win for the community, ourselves and the venue. 
To find out more contact Shelly on 07742861413 or check out She’d love to see you on Monday 13th at 7.30pm or any Monday.