Smash hit for Roma’s Bible series - as celebrities tweet their congrats

Roma as the Virgin Mary depicted in Sunday night's finale of The Bible.
Roma as the Virgin Mary depicted in Sunday night's finale of The Bible.

‘The Bible’ - a US miniseries produced by and starring Derry’s very own Roma Downey has become a television sensation in the States, breaking records for Sunday night viewing.

The finale - which featured a brutal and emotional portrayal of the crucifixion of Jesus - was aired on the History Channel in the States on Sunday night and has already been heralded as a great success.

Roma, who produced the show along with her husband Mark Burnett, tweeted throughout the screening of the show, which saw #thebible trending across America.

Roma received tweets of support from hundreds of people, including messages from singers Shakira and Christina Aguilera.

Chat show host Oprah Winfrey, who has voiced her support for the programme before, also tweeted Roma to commend her performance as Our Lady during the depiction of Jesus’ last hours.

“@RealRomaDowney beautiful moment helping Jesus bare the cross. #BibleSeriesFinale”, Oprah tweeted.

Roma and her husband are believed to already be in talks for a spin off series ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, and ‘The Bible’ will be released on DVD and Blu Ray in the States today.

The show’s highest viewing figures, over the five week run, are estimated to be in the region of 13 million with the show regularly out ranking ‘The Walking Dead’ in the ratings war.

The screening of the final episode of the series on Easter Sunday had not been premeditated, Roma revealed. Adding that the appointment of a new Pope also focused renewed interest in the bible stories.

Of Pope Francis, Roma said: “He’s been wonderful, hasn’t he? He’s just inspiring such hope and belief. People are reconnecting. People are being inspired by his leadership and his humility, by the tenderness with which he’s approached his office, and the choices he’s made so far.”