Songsmith Danny McGilloway is starting to see things in a new light

Singer-songwriter Danny McGilloway's many years of immersion in the local folk scene have been brought to bear on his second solo album, '˜The Changing Light', which will be launched in Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin on Good Friday.

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 9:00 pm

Very much the songwriter’s songwriter Danny believes he’s really struck a chord with the new eight track record, which was recorded at Beechwood Recording in Creggan.

“With songwriters it’s not always natural to be so heart-on-sleeve and it’s really nice when you strike it right.

“I have a much better understanding of things I should stick to, but I like to branch out and push the boundaries a little but try to stay with what works,” he reflects.

A founding member of the seminal Derry folk group Thundering Down, Danny first cut his musical teeth playing gigs and festivals with the likes of The Dubliners, Christy Moore, Dolores Keane and Paddy Reilly among others.

He still knows his way around the folk repertoire but these days is concentrating more and more on crafting his own songs and ‘The Changing Light’ is comprised entirely of his own compositions.

“I’m an Irish folk singer first and foremost and my songs are Irish-oriented, though they are contemporary to an extent as well, they take on the timeless and enduring themes of emigration, of love,” he says.

Tunes from Danny’s debut made their way to a wide audience through airplay on radio stations in Ulster and Connaught and this opened doors for the Foyle Road troubador.

Inundated with bookings from across Europe and the United States, with potential gigs lined up in Marseille, Munich and New York, it’s already a minstrel’s market for Danny before his new album’s even been launched.

His work has also pricked the ears of those plying that most profitable of music genres, the country and western scene.

“Some big name country artists got their ear to my last album, maybe through the radio play,” he says. “I’m a folk singer but if they think it can work in country then, whatever.”

Despite the draw of the bright lights of Nashville, Danny sees himself as ploughing a similar furrow to that of the acclaimed Limerick-born singer-songwriter Johnny Duhan, whose best known tune ‘The Voyage’, was famously recorded by Christy Moore.

“Johnny’s a good friend. I arranged a few gigs for him during the City of Culture. He’s one of the best songwriters inthe country. He was very taken aback by my material. He thought the lyrics were excellent.”

Encouraging people to come along to the launch next Friday, March 30, Danny jokes: “A good song will make you late for work, a great song will make you quit!”