Special gift bags given to local women

A local organisation has acknowledged women who make a difference to the community in the city as part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

SureStart Edenballymore has distributed thank you gift bags to local school crossing patrol women, female taxi drivers, local mothers, grannies, daughters and aunts.

Deirdre McDaid, of SureStart Edenballymore, said: “Throughout the city International Women’s Day provides an opportunity for everyone to inspire and raise the aspirations of women and girls and to make positive steps to address inequality and renew efforts to challenge the barriers that women and girls face locally and internationally.”

Deirdre added: “We hope to recognise and acknowledge the women in our community by making them feel special, even if only for a moment.”

Workers will be distrubuting the gift bags throught the area over the next few days and female taxi drivers are supporting the effort by giving gift bags to other women they meet during their work.

“We’re hoping to make a difference through thinking globally and acting locally. “We ask everyone to make every day International Women’s Day and do your bit to ensure that the future for girls and women is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.”

SureStart Edenballymore is a community project funded by the Department of Education providing services for families with children under four years of age living in Creggan, the Bogside and Brandywell, Bishop Street, Strand & Fountain areas.

The Surestart project supports parents to give their children the best start in life.

SureStart Edenballymore can be contacted on 71371670.