Special screenings for Buncrana cinema

Buncrana Cinema brought the majestic world of film to Inishowen and this will be celebrated in the coming months with a series of very special screenings.

Friday, 28th October 2016, 11:01 am
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:52 am
Danny Henderson, manager and Stephen Doherty.

‘Cinema Inishowen’ will dedicate the first Monday of each month to a series to classic movies, with the 1931 time-honoured ‘East of Borneo’ the premiere screening this November 8th.

It was so chosen as it was the very first ‘soundtrack’ film shown in the cinema, which until then had only featured silent movies.

Local rumour has it that when people watched the ‘East of Borneo’ at St Mary’s Hall, some covered their ears and others had to leave, so unfamiliar were they to the loud noise.

One of the first people to see the film at Buncrana Cinema was the well-known Danny Doherty Tinney. His grandson, Stephen, was on hand as the committee launched the new screening and said his grandfather always talked about it and the excitement that it brought to the town.

The committee of Cinema Inishowen has been keen to undertake special screenings since 4k Sony Digital Cinema was installed there two years ago and believe the time is now right to do so.

While ‘East of Borneo’ has been chosen for November, the local community will be able to choose what is shown in December and January, through opinion polls featured on the Buncrana Cinema facebook page.

The committee and manager Danny Henderson are keen to attract people of all ages to the screenings, but said they hope they will especially appeal to the older generation or those who may not be able to access transport.

A committee member told the ‘Journal’ that while they currently have no lift in the building, this is something they want to change and these screenings will go towards fundraising for that.

The cinema, which first began in 1904, has been going from strength to strength with strong community support.

The ‘East of Borneo’ will be shown on Monday, 7th November at 8.15pm. In line with the cinema’s reputation as one of the cheapest in the country, the standard admission rates of five and six euro will apply. See ‘Buncrana Cinema’ on facebook to keep up to date with what’s on at the cinema right throughout the year and vote for the next screening.