Special tribute to late trad singer Paddy Collins

Friends of the late singer and songwriter Paddy Collins, who died last October, will pay tribute by singing songs from his repertoire at a special anniversary session in Tinney's Bar next Thursday, October 6.

Tuesday, 27th September 2016, 9:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:17 pm

Paddy, who died on October 11, 2015, was a member of the Derry Traditional Singers’ Circle and also regularly sang at sessions organised by the Inishowen Traditional Singers’ Circle in Clonmany and Dumfries.

Originally from Fermanagh he had lived in Derry for many years and as well as composing his own songs, famously performed songs written and collected by his late father, ‘Hugh the Poet.’

Vincent Strunks of the Derry Singers’ Circle said: “It will be a year in October that we lost Paddy who was a loyal member of our singing circle.

“Those who know Paddy, and I am sure that very few in the traditional singing fraternity didn’t know him, will remember his singing of both his own and his father’s songs.

“Paddy was known the length and breadth of the country and was a well-respected addition to any singing session, including those of our neighbours, the Inishowen Singers’ Circles.

“We can’t really say much more about Paddy other than what people already know, except that his death was a sad loss to traditional singing. Paddy will be gravely missed by everyone for both his singing and dry wit.

“As part of our tribute night we have asked our members and frequent visitors to pick a song composed by Paddy or one from his father’s book, ‘Hugh the Poet’ to sing on the night.

“We still have a couple from the book left. If anyone is interested let us know.

“This will be a very special night so come along for a great night of singing and more importantly to remember Paddy. Memorable stories about Paddy will be welcome so share them with everyone.”

The session will take place as usual in Tinney’s Bar, Patrick Street. on Thursday, October 6 at 9pm.