'˜Speed humps' will now be considered at Derry primary school

A Derry school principal has given a cautious welcome after the Department for Infrastructure said it may now install speed bumps outside the primary school.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 1:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 2:00 pm
Principal Gareth Blackery (pictured) is calling for traffic calming outside St Pauls Primary School Slievemore. DER1218GS010

A request for the safety measures at the entrance to St Paul’s Primary School, Slievemore in Galliagh was turned down initially because the road was found to be ‘too busy’ and a main thoroughfare.

St. Paul’s principal, Gareth Blackery, said he feared a child would be knocked down on Moss Road, given the speed and volume of traffic travelling on it.

He had also called for the construction of laybys on either side of the road to ensure parents could drop off and pick up their children safely as, at present, parents have no choice but to park on the main road, creating visibility issues.

Despite an earlier survey ruling out speed ramps, a Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said it had “carried out a further review of the site and had agreed, in principle, that a traffic calming scheme incorporating speed humps could be developed for Moss Road”.

She said: “At this stage the Department is unable to confirm whether speed humps will be provided as the scheme is subject to detailed design and a formal legal consultation process.

“Officials from the Department have been in contact with local representatives and will contact the Principal of St. Paul’s Primary regarding the road safety concerns raised.”

Responding to this, Mr Blackery said: “I am pleased that the DFI has carried out an additional review of Moss Road.

“It has stated that ‘in principle a traffic calming scheme incorporating speed humps could be developed for Moss Road’. My concern at this early stage is that this review needs to be acted upon immediately, and I would add that the need for laybys on either side of the road is of equal importance - for safeguarding reasons, both issues need to be dealt with simultaneously.”

The school’s plea for safety measures has been backed by local politicians and the PSNI local Neighbourhood Team.