Speed vans are ‘there for a reason’

The Inishowen-based founder of road safety group PARC has responded to a Judge’s comments on Go Safe speed vans.

It has been reported that Judge Sean McBride, who hails from Moville, dismissed 17 speeding cases at Monaghan District Court, stating the detection vans were bringing the law into disrepute.

It was also alleged Judge McBride said the vans’ operations in lower speed limit areas was like fishing in a “goldfish bowl.”

In response, Susan Gray of PARC told the Journal that it didn’t matter what traffic limit area a motorist was driving in, if they “aren’t speeding, they won’t have anything to worry about.”

She said: “The speed limit is there for a reason. We’d like to remind people that research has shown if a pedestrian is hit by car travelling at 50kph, five out of ten will die. At 60kph, nine out of ten will die and the injuries are just terrible.”

Susan also called for extra and clearer speed limit signs to be erected across the country “to make it easier to abide by the speed limit.”

She said: “It can be extremely difficult for drivers to abide by the speed limit when they can’t see the signs or when there aren’t signs for miles. There aren’t enough of them.

She added: “But while we never want the speed detection vans to be a money-making exercise, we need to remember they are there for a reason - to save lives.”