St Eugene’s still most popular place to get married

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More weddings took place in Derry’s Saint Eugene’s Cathedral last year than in any other church in the North.

The annual Northern Ireland Marriages, Divorces and Civil Partnerships report reveals 48 wedding took place in the Derry Cathedral.

St Eugene’s has been the most popular church for marriage ceremonies in the North in every year since 2008.

The Beech Hill Hotel in Ardmore was the most popular approved venue in Derry, playing host to 19 religious and 1 civil wedding last year.

The latest figures reveal a total of 506 weddings took place in Derry last year - 30% of these were civil partnerships.

The average age for Derry men to get married last year was 34.8 while the average age of local brides was 32.7 years-old.

Eighty one per cent of couples who wed in Derry last did so for the first time