St. John’s caretaker hangs up his mop

Ronnie Doran, who retired recently.
Ronnie Doran, who retired recently.

On Friday 20th December 2013, governors, principals past and present, staff and pupils said farewell to their Building Supervisor of thirty years – Mr Ronnie Doran.

To mark this occasion, the staff and children gathered in the assembly hall to share poems, thoughts and rhymes about Ronnie, each paying tribute to Ronnie’s fine, personal qualities and skills as ‘caretaker’ of St. John’s Primary School

His colleagues at St. John’s PS said: “For thirty years Ronnie was an exceptional ‘caretaker’ in the truest and most literal sense of the word.

“He approached every day with a humble heart and took pride in every role and responsibility.

“Ronnie possessed a diligent work ethic the envy of many a school principal in the town. He was an inspiration to governors, principals, staff and pupils during his time here, always instilling positive core values whilst still having time to enjoy a quirky joke with colleagues or share a kind word with a child.

“Ronnie exceeded all expectations in terms of his job description.

“His contribution to the ethos of St. John’s P.S. was manifested in his artistic talents which were graciously shared with colleagues and pupils alike. The murals gracing the corridors of St. John’s P.S. will be a lasting legacy to our school and indeed will be enjoyed by future generations of St. John’s Primary School Community.”

Below are some of the poems written by the pupils of the school about Ronnie.

Primary 2

Brush and pan

Hammer and oil can

Mop and bucket

High vis jacket

Tools down now Ronnie your work is done

Yiphee, Yiphee, its time for fun

Primary 5

Care taker

Gate locker

Window checker

Room inspector

Talented painter

Hall organiser

Heat regulator

Happy welcomer

Faithful worker

Ronnie Dornan


Primary 7

From early morning till late at night,

Our caretaker Ronnie is on the site.

He strolls so softly here and there;

Quiet as a mouse, silent as a prayer.

Checking on windows, doors and locks;

Pops up if needed like a Jack in the box

There’s glass on the pitch every day

But our Ronnie soon sweeps it away

When the fence needs fixing,

He’s quickly on the scene

And if it’s safely mended

You know that he has been.

Thunder & lightning,

The clouds pour rain.

If the roof is leaking

He’ll mop it again.

In your retirement live long, live well

Ronnie and your good wife,

We bid you fond farewell.