Stacy’s ‘Hidden Talents’ to be televised by Channel 4

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This is the Derry mother who is, according to the producers of a new Channel Four television programme ‘Hidden Talents,’ officially, an expert at multi-tasking.

Stacy Buchanan applied to participate in the show which is presented by Richard Bacon, last year. The series aims to explore how remarkable we are and reveal just what we could really capable of, using our hidden talents.

Mrs Buchanan said: “That is what I learned from it, that everyone has a skill set but some never identify what that is. I suppose the whole experience taught me to never give up or limit yourself, you never know if you are going to be good at something until you give it a go. Age and social status have nothing to do with skills.”

Participants in the show are given a set of scientifically arranged and observed tests, such as, can they become fluent in a foreign language in a matter of months, be able to free-dive and hold their breath for more than four minutes at depths of more than 60 metres, have the rare talent to instinctively detect lies or have the natural ability and physiology to become an opera singer? In what she describes as a “brilliant experience,” Stacy excelled at multi-tasking. In order to prove her mettle she had to answer a series of math tests while memorising words and letters, all while driving a rally car simulator. “And I’m not even a very good driver,” she laughed.

Multi-tasking is perhaps all in a day’s work for the mum of three. While husband Andrew is at work she cares for Reuben, 8, Aaron, 4 and George, 3, so multi-tasking is perhaps more a prerequisite than a skill set.

“Well as the children are nearly all at school I was looking to return to the work force and that’s why I applied for the show,” explained Stacy.

“I was looking for a direction and was looking to see what I am good at and learn about myself. I thrived off it and didn’t feel scared or panicked by any of it. I got a real buzz from testing my capibilities and refused to be scared by the high pressure.”

To see Stacy thrive under pressure tune into Channel Four on Tuesday night, at 9pm.