Staff at the breast clinic saved my life

Bronagh Corry with Elizabeth England, Macmillan Lead Nurse.
Bronagh Corry with Elizabeth England, Macmillan Lead Nurse.

A Strabane teacher has revealed how staff at Altnagelvin’s Breast Clinic saved her life and made her “feel safe.”

Bronagh Corry was speaking at a meeting of the Western Trust board on Thursday where she detailed her experience of being treated for breast cancer in 2013.

“Nothing will even prepare you for the amount of women you see in the breast clinic,” Bronagh said.

“There was a trainee who examined me and was checking my breast but not in the place where I had found the lump and I couldn’t understand why. Later that day I was told that I had three tumours, the trainee had found them.”

Bronagh said her breast cancer care nurse Fiona Rankin became a huge part of her life.

“Fiona took me into her room and gave me a big box of tissues and let me have a big cry. I asked what I should tell the children and she gave me a brilliant book called ‘Mummy’s Lump.”

“They gave me the time I needed to process the information.”

Bronagh was told she had Grade 3 cancer and it was aggressive and that she would need surgery.

“After the surgery the nurse sat with me for three hours talking, I was hyper,” said Bronagh.

“I was due to have chemo the following month but the day I was supposed to have it, I found another lump, another tumour.” Bronagh had to have more surgery and chemotherapy.

“The people at the breast clinic made me feel safe,” she said. “These are the people who saved my life I feel lucky that I live here and I got my treatment here.”