Star Wars Episode VIII: '˜You have made us feel like part of the family' - Mark Hamill

The tale of the day Luke Skywalker rocked up to Farren's Bar in Malin Head looks set to become a part of local lore following the surprise visit by actor Mark Hamill last night.

Monday, 16th May 2016, 8:18 am
Updated Monday, 16th May 2016, 3:46 pm
Mark Hamill Hugh Farren (Image: Wallace Media, DonegalTV)

Donegal TV captured the magic moment local barman Hugh Farren, local people and visitors from Derry- many of whom have caravans and holiday homes in the area- greeted the Hollywood actor.

Malin Head was buzzing over the weekend as visitors came from near and far to soak up the excitement and try and get a glimpse of ther action as filming took place around Hell’s Hole and Bamba’s Crown.

Hamill himself has been tweeteing repeatedly about the welcome he has received in ‘sunny Malin Head’ and has expressed a wish to return on his own time.

Speaking at Farren’s Bar, Hamill, who posed for pics at the large Yoda mural, speaking about being in Donegal told Donegal TV:

“I love it, it’s gorgeous. Fantastic. You have made us feel like part of the family.”

Speaking about returning to Donegal, he said: “I’d love to, but in my own time so I don’t have to work.

“I’ve had a great time.”

And there were cheers and applause as Hamill was whisked away to another galaxy far, far away.....