‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ fever grips Derry

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The wait is finally over.

The eagerly awaited new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ will open in Derry at 00:05am on Thursday.

The film will be screened at both the Brunswick Moviebowl and the Strand Omniplex.

The Moviebowl has sold more than 3,500 tickets in pre-sales and the company that owns the Omniplex have sold more than 30,000 tickets throughout Ireland.

Earlier this week, the president of one of the UK official Star Wars clubs, Richard Walker, said he had been asked by Star Wars creator, George Lucas, to ask fans attending the movie to leave their toy light sabres and blasters at home.

“In terms of light sabres and blasters, they’re a bit like mobile phones – you can bring them into the screen but we’d prefer you didn’t use them,” said Brunswick Moviebowl Operations Manager, Caoimhin McClafferty.

“In terms of sales, we have in excess of 3,500 tickets sold so far and ALL seven screens are now sold out for the midnight shows on the Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

“In addition to this, there is advance sales for every show of Star Wars from the December 16 until Christmas Eve which is unprecedented in the history of Brunswick Moviebowl,” he added.

Simon Palmer from Omniplex Cinemas said the company had to train their staff in the ways of the Force, (the ethereal source of power used by Jedi Knights in the Star Wars films) in order to stop people from trying to see the film without paying an admission fee.

“We’ve just hit the 30,000 barrier for pre-sales for Star Wars. We’re are showing it 200 times on Thursday alone, including 35 midnight shows across all 23 of our cinemas.

“With so many people watching Star Wars at once in Omniplex cinemas we might actually break The Force! We’ve given our staff extra training to counter any Jedi mind tricks, so no one can get in free.”

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is expected to become the biggest grossing film of all time.