Stardust and a few other memories

Musicians Robert Peoples and Jim Walker captured in action by Jim Cunningham.
Musicians Robert Peoples and Jim Walker captured in action by Jim Cunningham.

Do you find the terms ‘Freak’ or ‘Fraggle’ endearing? Perhaps you remember how to make a ‘Purple Nasty’ or ‘Red Witch’?

If so, then the Nerve Cente has a charity night you won’t want to miss. ‘Stardust..and a few other memories’ on Friday 25th November will not only see Derry rockers Cuckoo reform but also raise much-needed finance for Foyle Search and Rescue.

The Nerve Centre’s Tony Doherty has organised the reunion for both those affiliated with Derry’s live music scene in the early 1990s and those who wish they had been. Then Derry was rocking to the sounds of bands such as Cuckoo, Schtum, That Petrol Emotion, The Screaming Bin Lids and The Turtle Assasins. Those young people who wore their hair long and their checked shirts longer ‘back in the day’ may be interested or frightened (or indeed both) to learn that hundreds of photographs of gigs in the early 80s/late 90s have been uncovered by Jim Cunningham.

Tony Doherty explains: “We saw the pictures and thought wouldn’t it be nice to put on a show for all those people. Sometimes I suppose you have to go back to go forward and the £5 entry fee is cheaper than six months with a psycho-therapist. It’s all Jim Cunningham’s fault really.”

Worryingly, at least for some, the attic of the Nerve Centre, which was so central to the development of Derry’s band scene, has been raided and over 40 hours of footage of ’90s gigs in Derry uncovered. Concerts in The Venue, Union Hall Rialto, Nerve Centre and The Stardust all feature.

“This is being edited as we speak and will shown on the night also,” laughed Tony. “There will be bands filmed that might not have had more than one or two gigs so expect to see glimpses of people when they were least expecting it.”

Popular Derry band Cuckoo are getting back together especially for the event. The original line-up of Fergal Corscadden, Jason Flood, Brian Deery and Una Page are to play, as are The Turtle Assassins, Rory Doherty, Eugene Rainey, Kevin Sharkey and Lee Lynch. Who can forget their famous Dave Fanning-compered Battle of the Bands win in Guildhall Square in 1990?

So if you want to dust off your old padded lumber jacket shirt and raise some money for a worthy cost, not to mention have a great time, get your ticket from The Nerve Centre 7126 0562. All freaks and fraggles are welcome.