‘Start planning new cemetery’

A new cemetery should be located in the Culmore area of the city, an election candidate has said.

Sinn Féin candidate Sandra Duffy has said it is time to start planning for a new cemetery for Derry and has suggested that it should be located in the Shantallow or Culmore area to reflect population changes.

The current City Cemetery between the Lone Moor Road and Creggan is expected to exceed its capacity in the next ten years.

Ms Duffy said; “We have seen in the past year the excellent work that has gone on in the City Cemetery with the major works at the lower end of the cemetery along the Lone Moor Road section and a number of new burial sites have been opened up. Council staff need to be commended for the having the grounds there looking so well.

“This new section with hopefully have enough provision for the coming years, but there will come a time when the City Cemetery will have reached its full capacity.

“I believe now is the time that we need to looking for new sites in the city.”

The Sinn Féin candidate added; “There has been a major population shift in the past twenty years towards both Culmore and developments in the greater Shantallow area. I have spoken to many people who feel that there needs to be a new cemetery in this part of city.

“There is an abundance of land and we need to be having those discussions now between Derry City Council and the local churches.

It could be a long process to get a site that suits the needs of the city for the next twenty to thirty years but we need to begin that process now.”