State of the art music studio in heart of Southway

DCAL Minister Car�l N� Chuil�n pictured during a visit to Celtronic Studios this month.
DCAL Minister Car�l N� Chuil�n pictured during a visit to Celtronic Studios this month.

STATE of the art music studios opened near Derry’s Southway earlier this month.

Celtronic Studios, located in Iona Business Park, boast the latest hardware and software to allow aspiring musicians to create brilliant electronic music. After visiting the new studios it’s easy to see why many of those involved in the local music scene believe the sky is now the limit.

“This is about putting Derry’s talent on the world map,” said Gareth Stewart from Celtronic Studios.

“The Celtronic festival is 15 years-old and for too long we have had to bring in acts from all over the world. Now, with this new studio I honestly believe the local electronic music scene will go from strength to strength and we will be able to feature even more local talent,” added Gareth.

Gareth has been responsible for turning, Celtronic, from a small local festival into the biggest electronic music festival in Ireland. If Celtronic was a cake then the new studios would surely have to be the cherries on top.

“I have to pinch myself most mornings when I come into work,” smiled Gareth. “It’s the most amazing place to work - I am really excited about the future.”

If you’re still not impressed with what Gareth and others have accomplished then perhaps the news that they are going to launch a record label in the not too distant future will win you around.

“We intend to call it Celtronic Recordings and we will be put out music by local, national and international producers.

“Radio Free Derry EP is coming soon on Celtronic Recordings.

“The EP was recorded at Celtronic Studios at the end of August and is a collaboration between Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man and a selection of the finest producers and DJs from Derry including Darren Allen, Confute, Jonny Boy, Hago and Caolan Harkin,” explained Gareth.

For an in-depth article on the new Celtronic Studios and how it will benefit people in Derry see this weekend’s “Sunday Journal.”

For more information on the Celtronic Studios visit the website or find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Celtronic