State of the art sound system for Derry cinema

The Derry Omniplex.
The Derry Omniplex.

The state of the art Dolby Atmos sound system is to be installed in the Derry Omniplex movie theatre in the spring.

The sound system is described as the sound equivalent to 3D visuals and will be installed in the OmniplexMAXX screen at the Strand Road based cinema.

Paul Anderson, managing director of Omniplex said movie goers in Derry would soon notice a difference at their local MAXX screen.

“Dolby Atmos takes the cinema experience to the next level. The moving audio immerses you in the sound, so you get to hear it as the characters on screen do. You literally hear things fly past your head as the sound system mimics their trajectory. With our OmniplexMAXX experience we have always aimed to bring the best in cinema to our customers, focusing on the three Ss: the ‘screens’, ‘seats’ and the ‘sound’; with Dolby Atmos we are bringing the best sound system in the business to all 13 of our OmniplexMAXX screens in 2016.”

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories in 2012. The new sound technology was first used in successful animated Pixar film, ‘Brave’.

Oscar winning director, Danny Boyle, who visited Derry during ‘Cinema City’ in 2013, described Dolby Atmos as “extraordinary”.

“When I heard [Dolby Atmos] tested, there was a rain test, a quiet rain test, that I thought was extraordinary. It was like one of those moments where I thought, ‘you can literally make people feel wet when they’re watching a movie.’”