Stay safe at Halloween - Dobbins

A Derry SDLP councillor has urged the city’s Halloween revellers to put their safety first during this year’s festivities.

Angela Dobbins said that while Halloween is “ a time of great celebration for our city” it is also a time when people might take more risks around their safety.

However with all the celebrations, people’s defences might be lowered and it is possible that

they will take greater risks with their safety. It would be really unfortunate if anyone, particularly young women were to leave themselves vulnerable.

“I would urge everyone to put safety first. Stay in groups of friends, keep an eye on your drinks and make sure that your mobile phone is powered up.

“Often when people are in costume it makes it easier for unscrupulous people or those with bad intentions to get away with the kind of behaviour that would normally be easily detected,” she said.