Stendhal links up with National College of Art and Design (NCAD) for amazing new art installations

Stendhal links up with students from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) for amazing new art installations.
Stendhal links up with students from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) for amazing new art installations.

Stendhal Festival of Art is thrilled to announce that the festival will be welcoming Students from Dublin’s National College of Art and Design (NCAD) to the farm this year, as part of the first ever Stendhal Artist Residency which will take place during the event on August 8 and 9.

The residency will see seven second year sculpture students from NCAD (Kathryn McShane, Clara Boyle, Léann Herlihy, James Kehoe, Philip Kavanagh, Robbie Maguire and Amy Malone) developing their artistic practices in discovering new ways to react to space, having explored a lot about site specific art, performance art, video art and workshop and casting practices in their college courses this year.

Made possible thanks to the efforts of Stendhal Volunteer and annual arts contributor, Kathryn McShane, the organising team at Stendhal say they are looking forward to seeing what the students can create and are delighted to be welcoming Students from as prestigious an institution as NCAD as they look to up the quantity and quality of the artwork displayed at the event.

“We are so pleased to be bringing along students from NCAD in Dublin for our first ever artist residency,” said organiser Ross Parkhill.

“We are aware of the excellent standard of work that regularly flows from the University and we feel that the team from NCAD will set a fantastic benchmark and act as a very firm building block for future residencies the festival will be initiating.

“We would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to team Stendhal member Kathryn McShane for proposing and facilitating this new aspect of the festival, her enthusiasm for the project and willingness to make the Stendhal Residency a reality, will benefit our event for years to come.”

Professor Philip Napier of the National College of Art and Design said that he is excited that students of the college have been given the opportunity to showcase their art work and art processes at the Festival.

“It is great that Stendhal Festival of Art have worked to initiate the space and the platform for some of our students to develop their evolving work ( with others) because so much of contemporary art practice is based on finding new relationships to audiences in known and alternative spaces and places.

“NCAD prides itself on how our students are able to see opportunities for art working in a wide variety of contexts and is looking forward to making new relationships in Limavady in August.”

To add to the new residency, Stendhal will also be showcasing the artwork of the Artists assemble collective.

Headed by Limavady artist Elaine Taylor, Artists assemble is an artist’s collective consisting of nine primary artists from across the whole of Northern Ireland (Elaine Taylor, Evelyn Taylor, Kathryn McShane, Karrie Campbell, Avril McCabe, John Rainey, Clare Montague, Lauren Cudden and Kerrie Hanna).

The collective is a platform for artists from different backgrounds to collaborate with different skills and ideas for not only the festival but also in an ongoing project to create a network of contemporary artists across Northern Ireland.

The main focus for the collective and the Residency artists will be to work together to create an area (Anann’s Arch) totally devoted to contemporary art.

To have such a large number of artists working on one concentrated area of the festival is also a first for Stendhal and it will be comprised of sculptures, performance, video and craft, all contained in one corner of the festival site.

On top of all this, the ever popular art gallery featuring the works of a host of talented local artists will be back once more, bigger and better than before. Facilitated by Melissa Hogg, this year the gallery will see works from local artists: John McMacken, Peter Francis Fahy, Noel Thompson, Hannah Robinson, Carla Jean Heron, Shannon O’Kane, Colm Donaghy, Terasa McCann, Mya Geary and Thomas McNiel.

So art lovers should prepare for an art extravaganza at this year’s Stendhal Festival of Art. Tickets are on sale now, for more information visit