Stendhal’s ‘message in a bottle’

Stendhal's first message in a bottle was discovered at Ballygarry Castle by Eleanor and Benjamin Moffett.1008sj66
Stendhal's first message in a bottle was discovered at Ballygarry Castle by Eleanor and Benjamin Moffett.1008sj66

Organisers of a Limavady music festival have taken to the seas to promote the two day event. 

In a bid to reach as wide as wide an audience as possible, the team behind the Stendhal Festival have turned to one of the oldest methods of communication - a message on a bottle. 

A number of specially marked bottles have been placed around the coastline of Northern Ireland, with messages inside offering those who find them free tickets to the event if they get involved with their online social media content.

Festival organiser Ross Parkhill says hopes left-field marketing and communications such as this will encourage people to interact with the festival throughout the year and strengthen what he refers to as the ‘Stendhal community.’

“We are trying to be as diverse as possible in everything we do while engaging people at the same time,” he said.

The Stendhal Festival of Art takes place on August 17 and 18. 

“Blending new forms of communications such as social media with one of the oldest forms of communication is just one of the ways we are attempting to get people to interact with us and spread the word about our festival,” says Mr. Parkhill. 

“We hope that it makes us less of a faceless organisation and can help us facilitate communication and interaction with those with interests in music and the arts.”

The festival incorporates music, poetry, artwork, dance, sculpture, digital installations and spoken word. 

“Our posters, flyers and signage are all designed in house through collaborations with local artists with artistic aesthetics very much in mind. We also touch on aspects of theatre, comedy, music and graphic design in our YouTube viral ads and use more traditional newspaper style communications with our annual newsletter called The Stendhal Standard.

“We have had an original piece of music entitled ‘The Stendhal Syndrome’ composed for us by a fantastic Belfast-based musician called Steve Catherwood who performs under the title The Steve Experiment which can be heard on our latest viral video on YouTube.”

Organisers says they don’t just want to showcase the arts. 

“We want to create new art and find creative ways to share it with the Stendhal community,” concluded Mr. Parkhill.