Stephen Nolan asks fans for help after bitten by spider

Stephen Nolan
Stephen Nolan

BBC Radio Ulster presenter, Stephen Nolan, resorted to asking his followers on social media for advice after he was bitten by spider.

Northern Ireland man Nolan Tweeted a photo of the spider bite to his 210,000 followers on Sunday afternoon.

“I’ve just been bitten by a spider and am now badly itching all over my body. Is that what happens?”, Nolan asked.

A while later he Tweeted an update.

“I am too embarrassed to go to A&E , but that one tiny bite in my arm has resulted in my entire body breaking out in red itchy spots, head to toe . All this has happened 30 minutes since bite.

“This has never happened to me in my life before,” he explained.

Fans expressed their concern by advising Nolan to have the bite examined by a medical professional.

“You need to ring out of hours or go to A&E you are taking an allergic reaction to it,” said one woman.

“If you’re reacting to the venom you may need antibiotics. No shame. Give it three hours and it should have cleared up. If not, go to a drop in clinic,” added a man.