Stone throwers attack buses in Glenabbey

Sinn Fein, Councillor, Tony Hassan.
Sinn Fein, Councillor, Tony Hassan.

A bus service which goes through the Glenabbey area in Derry could be withdrawn after buses were attacked by stone throwers, according to a local councillor.

Sinn Fein councillor for the area, Tony Hassan, condemned the recent attacks and said those responsible were doing their own community a great disservice.

“There have been a number of stone attacks on buses servicing the Glenabbey housing developments in the past week,” confirmed Colr. Hassan.

“It’s fortunate there has not been serious injury to either a driver or the passengers.

“Those people involved in these actions need not only to consider the consequences of the physical damage they could cause and the repercussions but also the disruption to their own community that attacking a bus causes.”

Colr. Hassan went on to call on those behind the attacks to stop immediately as the bus service is an important form of transport for people in the area.

“Glenabbey has many residents that depend on affordable public transport to get to and from the city centre and the removal of this service would cause untold hardship.

“There is now the fear that this service could be withdrawn and I fully understand the responsibilities Translink have to protect both their employees and passengers.

“I would call on the local community to support Translink in helping to deliver a safe affordable service to the area by using any influence with the young people involved to desist immediately.”