‘Stop throwing water bombs’ - says Logue

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Sinn Féin councillor Patricia Logue has said that young people who are throwing water balloons at cars in the Bogside are risking lives.

Colr. Logue appealed to parents in the area to make their children aware of the dangers of such actions.

“The area in and around Rossville Street and Free Derry corner has some of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the city and I am afraid we will see a major accident if these attacks continue. We had similar problems last year and there have been problems in the past with laser pens being shone at drivers,” she said .

“I have been contacted by a constituent who was travelling along Rossville Street and had just got as far as Pilots Row when she saw a number of children run towards the car and throw objects at the windscreen. The driver had to brake suddenly and has told me they were very lucky the car travelling behind didn’t crash into them

“The occupants of the car were badly shaken by the incident and asked me to highlight it in the hope it could help prevent a serious accident,” she said.