Storm Desmond: Heavy rain set to continue say forecasters

The heavy is rain set to continue.
The heavy is rain set to continue.

The adverse weather conditions are set to continue in the North West as Storm Desmond continues to pass over the area.

Last night Derry’s Foyle Bridge was clodsed to high sided vehicles for a period as Derry was hit with driving rain and high winds. Drivers of other vehicles were also restricted to driving ay 30mph across the bridge.

And, the Met Office in Northern Ireland say the poor weather condituions are set to continue until at least the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Today there will be prolonged heavy rain in west and it will remain windy. It will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain continuing, most persistent and heaviest across western counties. Tonight, the rain will continue and it will be heavy at times, with southwesterly gales, severe in places. After midnight the winds will ease as persistent rain clears followed by scattered showers. Minimum Temperature 3°C.

Tomorrow will be a chilly day with sunny spells and showers, which will be wintry over hills.

And, the outlook for Monday to Wednesday says that there will be rain and strong southerly winds on Monday but becoming drier and brighter for a time. Windy with showers on Tuesday, frequent in north with further rain for a time on Wednesday.